Become a Volunteer

Protecting our community forest is a lot of work. Although many of our volunteers share an interest in gardening/horticulture, special training or knowledge is not required for most tasks. Many families who volunteer want to help their children develop an appreciation for nature and to spend more time outside. Others  help because of their concern for the environment. Some people find that volunteering for the Tree Commission is a way to develop new interests, make new friends, and have fun. There are many ways to get involved and it only takes a few hours of time each month.

  2. You can ADOPT A TREE. In 2011, more than 100 local citizens and their families adopted trees in Marple Township.
  3. You can volunteer to:
  • help plant trees,
  • assist with the care of  newly planted trees including the installation of deer protection, the placement of wood chips at the base of trees, etc.
  • assist with the Volunteer Program including tasks such as the distribution and collection of buckets used by Tree Adopters,
  • take pictures for use on the website, and
  • a myriad of other tasks that keep developing as the work of the Tree Commission evolves.

The Tree Commission would love to have YOU on its team!
Drop us a line!