About the Marple Tree Commission


The Marple Tree Commission began when some members of the Marple Environmental Advisory Board formed a sub-committee to address tree issues in town. Alarmed at the disappearance of tree canopy through loss of trees on both public and private property in the township, the committee focused on advising municipal officials on matters relating to the protection, conservation, and replanting of our “community forest.” By March of 2007 efforts to earn certification for Marple as a Tree City, USA were underway and the committee began to participate in the TreeVitalize tree planting initiative of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. In April of 2011, the Marple Commissioners voted to create an official Marple Tree Commission (MTC) in April of 2011. With renewed enthusiasm the members of the new tree commission and their allies continue to plant new trees in township parks and hope to soon begin a program to offer young trees to homeowners.

Sixteen years later, 1000+ new trees in local parks, several annual public Arbor Day tree planting ceremonies, a dozen associate members and 150+ volunteer tree caretakers have earned the original tree committee recognition by the Township.

Our goals are to continue to restore Marple’s community forest through education of our residents about the importance of trees. We will offer lectures and classes for the public and host Arbor Day events. We also have a website featuring all kinds of information about trees and their care, plus access to help and advice from tree commission members. We will continue to establish and support tree protection provisions in the township code and encourage businesses to plant trees.

The MTC consists of five members appointed by the Board of Commissioners for five year terms. In addition to the appointed members, there are numerous Associate Members who help to carry out the Marple Tree Commission mission.