Adopt a Tree

Since 2008, the Marple Tree Commission has planted over 300 trees in local parks and other public spaces in Marple Township and more than 100 trees in homeowner’s yards. Proper planting and care of newly planted trees is critical to their health and survival. Over the years, volunteers have done a yeoman’s job of watering all newly planted trees in parks. As the planting of trees in parks has slowed down, planting on private properties as part of ReLeaf Marple has steadily increased. Volunteers are sorely needed to assist with this effort as well as with the maintenance of trees in the parks.

How Can You Help?

You can help by adopting a tree. Tree Adopters take responsibility for watering a tree, once a week, starting in April as the tree’s leaves are emerging and ending in November when the tree’s leaves start to fall.

You can help by working with a tree planting crew. Any amount of help is welcome from a few hours on a single day to a few hours on each of multiple days.

You can help by doing “prep” work for tree planting. These jobs include gathering white watering buckets from swimming pool supply stores and neighbors who have swimming pools, gathering wood chips to put around the bases of newly planted trees, etc. If you volunteer for one of these jobs, you are not obligated to do it for an entire season. A single trip to pick up buckets would be much appreciated.

You can help us protect young trees. Each spring, protective collars are installed at the base of trees to avoid damage caused by string trimmers. Protective sleeves are placed around the trunks of trees in the fall to avoid damage from deer rub. Two people working in a park can accomplish the job in an hour or two. You can volunteer to help work at one or more parks.

How Do You Get Started?

Contact Marianne Price, who coordinates Volunteer Activities, at or at 610-353-4971; she will answer any questions you may have.

What Are The Locations Where Trees have Been Planted?

Kent Park
Marple Gardens Park
Marple Public Library
New Ardmore Circe
New Ardmore Park
North Malin Road Park
South Marple Little League Park
Thomas Field
Thomas Massey House
The Tot Lot on South Malin Road
Veterans Park
Worrall School
Township Garage (across from Produce Junction)
Lawrence Road

Over 100 trees have been planted on homeowners’ lawns.

Who Are Our Volunteers?

During 2016 there were 15 Tree Adopters, primarily families with children and grandchildren, and senior citizens. Twelve volunteers who live on Lawrence Road watered newly planted trees on their street. Three volunteers watered trees in Veterans Park during a period of drought. Other volunteers helped to construct the new nursery, install a shed next to the nursery, and plant trees. All of the members of the Marple Tree Commission are volunteers.